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Frank is who you need to get things done!

Who is Frank Monteiro?

* Resident of Cambridge since 1966

* Resident of W.R.P.S. Community Policing Award in 2010 for * Outstanding dedication and excellence to his community* 

* Proud father of two and grandfather of two

* A strong advocate for a safe and healthy community

* Your councilor since 2010

* Understands the unique diversity of Cambridge and is proud of his Portuguese heritage

* Proudly served in the Waterloo RegionalPolice Services W.R.P.S. for 35 years as a front-line police officer

* Recognizes the City of Cambridge as a vibrant and prosperous community and will endeavor to maintain the quality of life that its residence deserve

* Enjoyed posts as" Patrol Officer, Undercover Officer (Drugs), Youth Bureau Officer, Detective, Plain Clothes Officer and Sergeant

* Proud to call Cambrudge home

* Successfully utilized in Community Problem Analysis and Crisis Negotiation

* Held a supervisory role on the W.R.P.S. since 1990

Frank is who you need to get things done!


What is the most important issue facing your Ward?

Cambridge’s issues are Ward 7’s issues and vice-versa. Whether it is traffic, infrastructure, development, water & sewer issues, taxes, etc., we are a Community. The City, as a whole, has felt the impact of the opioid crisis to which Ward 7 is not immune.  

It is the responsibility of council to work together regardless of Ward to secure the co-operation of all levels of government to find a dignified manner to deal with this problem.  

We cannot do it alone and only through lobbied co-operation will we succeed. Specific to Ward 7 is the stretch Dundas St/Highway 8 between Branchton Road and Morrison Road.  

Currently it is under provincial jurisdiction however all required paperwork and consultations have been completed for the Province to hand over jurisdiction to the City of Cambridge.  

With the recent change of government at Queen’s Park the finalization of this project remains in limbo. I have solicited the assistance of our new MPP to fast track the process and hope for a prompt resolution to this issue.  

Until such time, we are unable to implement the infrastructure for the development of the lands to the Northeast of Highway 8 as the access to these lands is through this stretch of road.  

The revenues from this development would be a great asset to the City’s budget but until Queen’s Park finalizes the transfer we are at a standstill. I will continue to lobby to the province and appreciate the assistance of the residents of my Ward to communicate to the Province. It is only through a united effort that will we see a much anticipated response.

Why are you running for Council?

April 10th, 1966 was a definitive day in my life; it was my first day in Canada.  

I was 14 years old with my 15th birthday just over 2 months away. I had spent my formative years in a Police State; a dictatorship since 1926.  

We were taught that our leaders were just and that our elections were legitimate; neither was true.  

In my 15th year I did not appreciate the impact which the previous 14 years would have on my life. I would go on to join the Waterloo Region Police Service in which I would proudly serve for 35 years retiring as a Sergeant in 2010. 

The image of the Police Service which I brought from my birth place was one of fear and skepticism. They could not be trusted and were the “strong arm” of the dictatorship.  

I was enlightened that in my new adopted home the Police were the arm of the judicial system which was kept in check by the rule of law. While not perfect, this system ensured the rights of an individual; something which my birthplace (at that time) did not understand.  

It was this freedom and the manner in which anyone could vocalize their support or opposition to the decisions which governments at all levels could make that attracted me to seek election to Council.  

I had just finished 35 years of service as a Police Officer and felt that my background and experience could be put to use to give back the community which had given me so much. The opportunity has been a privilege.

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